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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pitch Night

In looking for another article published by the Holland Sentiential, I came across this article by Peter Danning regarding a "Pitch Night" hosted by Elevator Up, a Zeeland based Business.  I found it interesting and know that I will be looking for the next event:


The Holland Sentinel

Posted Oct 12, 2009

Zeeland, MI — .Sometimes the step between having a great idea and acting on it is insurmountable.

To help West Michigan entrepreneurs bridge that gap, a Pitch Night is set for 5:30 to 7 p.m., Oct. 20, at the Elevator Up offices, 201 W. Washington in Zeeland.

This free event is hosted by Elevator Up and Lakeshore Advantage. Anyone with a new business idea can make a five or 10 minute pitch, said Amanda Choko of Lakeshore Advantage, an economic development firm.

“Part of our mission is to inspire people to think entrepreneurially and launch new ventures,” Choko said. “There are a lot of people with really great ideas around you, and you don’t always get to hear them.”

Aaron Schaap, 28, started Elevator Up, a Web hosting and development company, in 2004. He said there still isn’t a real good infrastructure to help West Michigan start-ups flourish.

“This is more of a safe haven for people who are taking ideas and wanting to develop them,” he said.

Schaap said Pitch Night is also about giving constructive criticism.

“We’re trying to change the mindset of a couple things,” he said. “One is ‘Michigan nice’ — people won’t tell you when an idea sucks.”

The first Pitch Night in July had seven pitches and around 30 in attendance, Schaap said. This time around, organizers are hoping for better number in each category.

If interested in pitching, send the idea to Otherwise, Schaap said just come and find out what bright ideas are on West Michigan’s horizon.

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