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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do you know about Google Alerts?

Do you know about the feature in Google, called “Google Alert”?

You query a topic and ask Google to send you “alerts” any time this topic is discussed in the news, or on the web. These alerts are sent to your email inbox based on the frequency you wish to review them.

Why would I do this?

You might ask, and my response would be, to become better informed about topics that interest you.

As an inventor, it has been important to me to take notice of topics relevant to my business demographic.  It is also useful to see who has discovered you and what is being said.  Often times you may find your own promotion showing up.  This as well can be useful.  You see first hand how well you are presenting your products or business in a sentence or two.  Is you message intriguing enough that others will open and read more about you, your products, or services? 

See what your competitors are doing by setting your Google Alerts to learn how they are being promoted.  The ability to become better informed is endless.


It will take a little practice to get the Google Alert set to your liking. When I first used this feature I found my inbox bombarded with emails. I would clear the clutter and refine my search criteria. I also found that reducing the frequency of these updates made it a more useful tool rather than an annoyance.  I would get fewer emails with more content.  Honing in on your own preference is well worth the effort.

You can learn more about Google Alerts by accessing this feature through the attacked link. Setting a Google Alert

If you are currently using Google Alerts and are willing to share how you use this tool, please share comments; it is always good to get more than one perspective.

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