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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Member News: Inge Bonfoey, Wet Dog Solutions

FURminator® Announces Towel Togs Partnership

Wearable microfiber towels provide pet owners with happy dogs and clean, dry carpets

ST. LOUIS – Effective March 15th, FURminator® Inc. will be the exclusive worldwide distributor of Towel Togs Wearable Dog Towels. Towel Togs provide an effortless way for dog owners to dry their canine companions while calming them and keeping carpets, furniture and cars protected from a wet, smelly pet.

The Towel Togs can be easily slipped over the dog’s head and tail, cinching around the dog to fit comfortably. The Towel Togs will stay in place on even the most active dog. Towel Togs are made with special microfiber fabric that rapidly draws water away from a dog’s coat and into the material’s absorbent fibers.

“Since its beginning FURminator has been offering deShedding solutions to pet parents worldwide. Today we are very happy to add to our product portfolio a new solution for the pet parent to address the nuisance of wet dogs indoors,” said Olivier Amice, FURminator president.

“Whether it be from rain, snow, grooming or from swimming in the family swimming pool or lake, dogs attempt to dry themselves, and household furnishings can take a beating. Towel Togs simply eliminate the dog’s need to rub furniture. I am very happy to partner with the FURminator team to expand distribution of the Towel Togs across the globe,” says Inga Bonfoey, inventor of the Towel Togs.

Towel Togs are secure, wearable, and prevent water from dripping onto the pet’s feet, so pets can wear a Towel Tog around the house immediately after bathing, swimming or a rain shower. Because the towel’s fabric allows the dog’s fur to dry faster, the wet, sour dog smell is reduced, offering an additional benefit for the pet owner interested in keeping the home looking and smelling its best.

“Towel Togs are a welcome addition to the FURminator line of deShedding solution” said Amice. “We continue to devote ourselves to creating products that keep pets happy and healthy while helping pet owners keep their homes clean and attractive.”

Towel Togs are available in five adjustable sizes, from extra small to extra large, to provide for dogs of all breeds and ages. These products, along with FURminator shampoos, hair care products, and deShedding Tools will be sold at pet specialty outlets, and will also be available online at

About FURminator:

FURminator Inc. enhances relationships between pet owners and their pets with effective and easy-to-use pet grooming products. Based in metropolitan St. Louis, FURminator was founded in 2002 by husband and wife team David and Angela Porter. Sold at national pet retailers, the company’s products are available to consumers nationwide and distributed through professional pet groomers, veterinary practices and rescue organizations across the United States, and are also available for purchase online or through professional and consumer catalogs. For more information on FURminator, visit

Inge Bonfoey of Wet Dog Solutions, inventor of the Towel Tog, and member of 3 Degrees Connected, share the following information with us.  Best of luck Inge in your upcoming retirement :)

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